At The RecBox, you can expect to be fully supported throughout your employment period with us. As part of our service, you will receive any required assistance in limited company formation, opening up a UK bank account and application for a national insurance number


As a contractor, you will need to submit your timesheet to record the hours and days spent on contract. We will provide you with your timesheets to help manage and record your payments. At the end of each billing cycle (weekly or monthly) you will sign the timesheet and get the client (your manager) to approve and countersign your timesheets.
To enable timely payments you will need to submit your timesheet within the given time frame.


If you own a Limited Company, you will invoice us with your timesheet. If your Ltd Company is VAT registered, you will need to list the contract fee, the VAT amount payable and the gross amount (contract fees and VAT payable)

If you work via an Umbrella Company, you will be required to send them your timesheets who will invoice us on your behalf.


In your contract, you will find details of payment terms which will be weekly or monthly. It is important to meet your timesheet deadlines to ensure timely payment. Your recruitment partner will advise you of these dates.

If you work via a Limited Company, you will receive payment from us direct to your company bank account via BACS.

If you work via an Umbrella Company, the due amount will be sent to your umbrella company who will then forward the payment to your bank account.